The Fair Trade Fashion Show Fundraiser

“THIS IS A FASHION SHOW FOR ACTIVISTS. Slavery is a $150 billion industry affecting an estimated 21 million people worldwide. We are all connected to it - which means we all have the power to fix it. The fashion industry is one of the many culprits contributing to this problem, and the cure is Fair Trade Fashion. Join us as we celebrate the stories and styles from artisans around the world while raising money and awareness to end modern slavery.” https://www.fairtradefashionshow.com/   On July 29th, 2017 The Fair Trade Fashion Show Fundraiser, a sold-out event at the CTRL Collective, Downtown Los Angeles opened its doors to over 150 like-minded people driven to make change in the fashion industry. KNOWN EFFECTS had the opportunity and absolute pleasure of chatting with the founder of this event, Sica Schmitz. When you think of a...