Meet Sonia Orts

SONIA ORTS BOTANICAL ALCHEMY  We had the opportunity to catch up with Sonia Orts and ask her some questions about herself and her business, Sonia Orts Botanical Alchemy.  Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to start Sonia Orts Botanical Alchemy I have always been Mademoiselle Parfum (Miss Perfume)— I went to a French school. My favourite hobby was to guess the perfume that others wore. I never bought the same perfume twice as there were too many new scents to be discovered, too many stories to be unveiled. But I always felt that something was missing in mainstream perfumes. In addition, in my late teens I was working as a fashion model, and as a consequence of having to wear heavy makeup regularly, and living the lifestyle of a model, my skin suffered badly. ...