Meet Walk Away Dave an advocate against single use plastic!

Growing up on the East Coast of Australia my life has been filled with so much happiness, freedom and good health. Every day the sand beneath my feet connects me to our mother ocean and shapes my day to day life. Whether it's surfing, fishing, taking the dog for a walk, watching the sun rise over the water, spotting migrating whales from the cliffs or just sitting in the sand with your thoughts. The ocean connects us to nature. The ocean creates meaning to life and a freedom that only those who live by the sea truly get to experience every day.  The ocean has given me so many meaningful experiences that have shaped the person I am today and without her, I’d be lost in this world. It makes sense then that one day I woke up and asked myself what have I ever given back for all she has given me? In the year 2011, my life was turned upside down...