How can I sell my products on Known Effects?

We are all about growing our community with businesses that are ethical and sustainable. If you would love to join our community, then we would love to hear from you. Fill out the application when registering as a ‘vendor’ over on the register page.

What payment method does Known Effects use?

Known Effects have a secure payment gateway that is the new up and coming system businesses are taking to. Stripe, is our only payment method at precent. Just like PayPal, Stripe is a secure gateway to pay for your awesome Ethically made items!

How do I cancel a purchase?

Buyers may request a cancelation by contacting the seller via the sellers contact page on seller’s shop profile. Only sellers may cancel transactions.

Returning a product

By purchasing on Known Effects, you agree to abide by seller’s

return policy. Each seller has its own return policies.

How long do I have to return my purchase?

Each seller has their own shop policies on returns. Please view your seller’s return policies.

How do I receive a refund for an item?

Buyer must contact the seller directly about returning a product and receiving a refund. Once there is an agreement between Buyer and Seller on a refund then seller will contact Known Effects with buyer details and Known Effects will refund the Buyer.

I only received some of my order

We are a community made up of Ethical and Sustainable businesses. Each shop has their own shipping time frames depending on the item. If you purchase a few items from different sellers, then they will not arrive in one neat little package (unless they are neighbour). Check out each seller shipping time frames and if you have any queries then drop the seller an email via their profile page.

My purchase arrived damaged

Like all our sellers, we are so excited to get your purchase to you BUT sometimes the delivery man can be more excited than us! Please, take some photos and send them through to the seller so that they can then asses who was more excited about your purchase. The seller will contact you with further details on what happens next.

How do resolve a dispute with a seller?

Known Effects is not a party to any dispute between you and a seller. In the event of a non-delivery, or if a product you receive is not as described in the listing, you need to first contact the seller to firstly resolve the issue. If you feel the dispute is not being handled correctly, then you may contact Known Effects with all the details at support@shoplocalmarketplace.com.au